​​​  Woodstock First Nation Health Centre
Programs and Services

​The Woodstock First Nation Health Centre has a variety of health services available to not only our community, but our Members residing off the reserve as well.

The Woodstock First Nation Health Centre is always looking for ways to improve on our care and services for the Woodstock First Nation community.
The goal of this program is healthy, happy families.  Home visits are offered to families using the Growing Great Kids Curriculum.  In this program, the Coordinator is trained in lactation management, baby massage and Doula services.

Weekly Moms and Babes groups are held where we have play time and promote the Maliseet culture.  We also have an annual Placenta Burial and naming ceremony performed by Elder Imedla Perley. 

Please call Tanya if you would like further information on this program at 506-325-3570
ext. 476
​Help provide foot care management to Diabetics and those who are required to be on their feet a lot.  Observation of the feet, nail cutting and ingrown nail removal and corn and callus removal are all a part of the management.

Please call the Health Centre to make an appointment with one of our Foot Care Management LPN's.

​Blood work and specimen collection is done once a week here at the Health Centre by our LPN, Luc Bourgeois. 

Please have your family physician fax your bloodwork order to 506-325-2972 or simply bring in your copy of the requisition.

This service is offered on Thursday mornings between 9:00am-10:00am.
​The goal of this initiative is to reduce Type 2 Diabetes among Aboriginal people by supporting health promotion, primary prevention activities and having services delivered by trained community diabetes workers and health service providers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact LPN, Holly Polchies, who is head of the ADI program for Woodstock First Nation.
​​Information is provided on how to prevent diabetes as well as events are organized related to preventing diabetes.  This is done through our monthy Healthy Hampers which is offered once per month from December through to May.  Another is we offer monthly breakfasts here at the Health Centre.  Activities for children are offered as after school activities and for March Break we offer a week of activities which are offered both in our gym and in the town of Woodstock as we do not have some of the facilities needed for our activities.
​Providing flouride varnish treatment to children up to seven years old.  We also provide information on how to care for their teeth.
Care plans are managed for people who require home care services.  When people require personal care in the home, Personal Support Workers are assigned hours within the home based on need.  Home visits and vitals are done by our Licensed Practical Nurses or Community Health Nurse on an as needed basis.  Services are provided to enable people to live independantly within their home as long as possible.
​The purpose of the Community Health Nurse is to provide community health promotion services in a designated region in accordance with the philosphy and objectives of the Authority and to promote the prevention of disease, maintenance of health and the overall health and well being of the community.

Services may be provided within the Health Centre, community halls, schools or in a patients/residents home (i.e. elderly population) and are intended to promote a healthy way of life and decrease the incidence of death and disease.  Services may be provided on an individual basis or as part of a mulit-disciplinary team.

Main Activities and Services:
  • Immunizations and Communicable Disease Control
  • Child Health Screenings
  • Prenatal Classes (one on one or group classes)
  • Prenatal Clinics
  • Postnatal Services
  • Well-baby Clinics
  • Home Visits
  • Car Seat Program
  • Home and Community Care Program
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment Program
  • Health Activity Coordination
​The Health Centre is able to provide a limited amount of wound care supplies, incontinence pads and bandages.  We are also able to provide on a loan to basis the following equipment:  crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, commodes, bath chairs, hand rails, transfer boards and raised toilet seats.


The Nurse Practitioner is here to provide a walk-in-style clinic service until the community develops confidence in Nurse Practitioner roles/services.  The goal is to develop in to a scheduled appointment service.
The Nurse Practitioner will see any patients who do not have a Primary Health Care provider (Doctor/Nurse Practitioner) for whatever assessment/treatment is required as well as Sexual Health services to all ages.

The Nurse Practitioner can provide 'urgent care' services to any individual who has a regular primary care provider (Family Physician/Nurse Practitioner).  Examples of 'urgent care' would be adults/children presenting with colds, flus, aches/pains, or other injuries who cannot meet with their Family Physician/Nurse Practitioner and would need to go to the Emergency Room for service.

What the Nurse Practitioner cannot due is provide refills of prescriptions, prescribe narcotics nor see anyone without a Medicare card.